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EDITORIAL January (by Th- Th and Aurélie Caignec)

A camel in winter

Snowing steadily. It snows all the time. Every hour of the day and night, it snowed. Large flakes, small flakes, rain flakes filling the sky, floating in the air, landing on the sidewalks frozen, icy roads, trees covered in frost, snow-covered roofs. Montreal snow dresses, adorned with the white layers. Five inches and ten then fifteen and then two, then five. The city froze. Thirty days pass. Nothing disappears, while the cold keeps the state and the world deals with it. The camel accommodate them. Snow the quenches its iced beverage. The cold did not assailed. Temperatures drop. He does not feel. Outside, it snowed continuously. The hours he has not stopped snowing for hours as the flakes adorn the city with a coat over. The winter takes hold. And camel suits.

Walk in the snow
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My country is a Ski-doo (text by St. Onge Yan)
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Lip Makeup
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(((((( ))))))) NEWS & RELEASES
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The After the commando trilogy
> details/HAK209
Present> details/HAK210
Future> http://www.archive. org / details/HAK211

HAK Lo-Fi Record n.209
[item image]
More social rots the mind more awake
Volume 1: Past

compounds, recorded and mixed in various home studio between Orléans, Paris and Geneva in the first decade of the twenty-first century.
mixed by Matt-U, Zoiz, Oliv and Luke.
Mastered by Franky (Orleans) and Caesar (Geneve).
Music Production by Ayato on 2,3,5,6,7,9,11
and Double Kalibre on 4,8,10
texts and voice: 2012 Matricule

HAK Lo-Fi Record n.210
[item image]
More light appears more shade occurs
Volume 2: Present

compounds, recorded and mixed in various home studio between Orléans, Paris and Geneva in the first decade of the twenty-first century.
mixed by Luke, Erwan, Oliv, Mat-U Zoiz and Caesar.
Mastered by Franky (Orleans) and Caesar (Geneva).
Music Production by Ayato on 2,3,4,5,7,8,11
and Double Kalibre 6,9,10
on Track 5: Feat. Julio Lloco
Text and voice: 2012 Matricule

HAK Lo-Fi Record No. 211
[item image]
As the night is dark longer dawn approaches
Volume 3: Future

compounds, recorded and mixed in various home studio between Orléans, Paris and Geneva in the first decade of the twenty-first century.
mixed by Flav, Zoiz, Cesar, Matt-U, Dave, Oliv, Luke and Erwan.
Mastered by Franky (Orleans) and Caesar (Geneva).
Music Production by Ayato on 3,4,5,6,7,10 Double
Kalibre 9.11 on over 2
Etrezhumains on 8.
Track 4: Feat. Celine & Julio Lloco
Text and voice: 2012 Matricule


- Fi Record has selected the best scenes from the best sound studios , rearranged, according to the methods that made his reputation. These cassettes are designed specifically for mixing techniques.

Compiled and assembled by THE HIDDEN WAVES .


THE MAGNIFICIENT BUTCHER, a new sound dimension on Tape, for DJs & Sound Drifters.

From the famous, fabulous & amazing movie directed by YUEN-WOO-PING, 1979. A festival of sound fights / fight sounds, electro blasts, synthetic pucher noises, & war screams. (no effects was added).
A real kung fu touch & a magnificient tool, Just enjoy & try it !

Side A : EFX (7'19")
Side B : Low Drum. (53")

B IG BOSS, Try the scream's master fury's in the mix.

From the Bruce Lee's legendary movie directed by LO WEI, 1971.
The best of Bruce Lee shouts's, sounds of battles, madness rumbles, dying weapons, & broken legs.
With a funky & dramatic background sound.

Side A : EFX (7'30")
Side B : electronic birds, violon, guitar, drum. (12")   

************** DOWNLOAD**************


RAMBO IV, Put of explosive, blood, and some roaring in your mix !

Stemming from the fourth opus of RAMBO, by Sylvester Staloon_January 2008.
You will find on this new EFX TAPE all the sound of the devastating artillery of the war film (flesh drilled, kicked down, burst, squalls of machine-guns, various type of bombs, bazookas, guns and pistols, explosions and more again.

On the side B: melodramatic pathetic strings

SideA : Rambo : 6'45"
SideB : Soundloop : 19"
*+*+*+*+*+* DOWNLOAD *+*+*+*+*+*

DIE HARD2, 1990 action furious 

SideA : DieHard : 4'36"
SideB : Soundloop : 2'35"


REJOY, a smack of shit !

Side A : Noise loop from the selecta (26")
Side B : selecta from the commercials, Steven Gottlieb 1989. (11'40")

===== DOWNLOAD=====


CHAOSMOS, space at your fingertips.

Side A : Chaosmos : 6'35"
Side B : Super stereo soundloop : 31"


VIBRAGEL, warning : explicit sounds

Side A : Vibragel: 9'58"
Side B : Soundloop : 09"


Denis Mc Carty : Swampland
Turntable, Records & Prepared records, feet samplers, DB505, efx. Recorded Between October and December 2010 at " Chuck has Luck " studio moving .

"it navigates to multiple perspectives ...
if all DJs could be as creative in their sets, it would be less crap in the evenings ...
is more than hip hop ....
Mr. TuC

-------- -------
Review Music Off-Standard
Co-production The Colibri Necrophile / Earsheltering / HAK Lo-Fi Record
> NecktarCalling2010.htm

Recorded Live at NK (Berlin) in January 2010
Mixed at Studio Maïzing (Paris) in May 2010 by Anton Mobin
Cover art : Darby Mullins
>>> DOWNLOAD<<< 
Our friend Ayato presents us 2 sides of his works using radios. On Ion Trap, radio sounds are used as background soundscapes for guitar tracks that were recorded live in his homestudio (no overdubs, but using a looper),  atmospheric and melancolic melodies, with a “vintage vibe” and some more exeperimental moments with prepared guitar.
Radio Scrap comes as a more exeprimental bonus full-length CD-R, where radio sounds are harsher, more chaotic and proeminent, enhanced with TR606 and prepared tapes, dictaphones, and even balalaika and sanza on 1 track.

For this 3rd business-card CD-R release, Eg0cide welcomes Tzii , a long-time experimental musician / filmaker, and founder of the Night On Earth label. Ethereal and spooky in the same time  his ambient piece “Fuga ae f sol e” reminds me early ambient industrial with its vintage synths and mysterious voice. Totally addictive!
We are very glad to welcome the amazing Hunting Rituals on Eg0cide. “Wider Realm” was issued on tape by Cloud Valley 2 years ago and is out of print since a long time. It is now available on CD-R, remastered by the artist and with a new artwork by Eg0cide S.A. (with special thanks to Cédric for the special paper!)
Hunting Rituals is known for his crooked noisy ritual soundscapes with reeds, strings and obscure lo-fi sound manipulations. This album show the quieter side of his work, more ritual, almost meditative. Recommended to fans of early Voice of Eye or Zoviet France

Denis McCarty & Didier Klein : Human Experience
Denis McCarty & Didier Klein : SkullTiff
Piano, Bass, objects, efx, turntable, records & Prepared records, feet samplers. Improvised at Didier's flat, Lyon 7. Tuesday, December 7, 2010.

"Although this class session, while fine!"

"I preferred the second part but this is cyclical or staff ... bravo!

Tango Strange
sincere and spontaneous
Thousand Violin, Saw Light And Noise Volt
In devices like sprays of ocean spray
a pop quiz The Piano Like A Mane Bancal
Platinum Legs Hardwood Returning From Front
Operas Escarpée
Star Fox
The Star The Fox The Fox Prime Role
Crossing Wild World Of Piano And Wail Platinum Primal. Random Expressions Of Music
. "

Christmas Gift / 16 Remix larseneur
Elton John - Candle In The Wind larseneur

(output like no other)

TALES FOR TAPES # 7 in Brussels
Friday, January 14
Start: 19:00

Traffic Art Gallery
Street Aegis Walschaerts, 30
Brussels, Belgium, 1060

> free admission on donation

(Rinus van Alebeek - berlin & Anton Mobin - paris)
> http://rinusvanalebeek.wor /
> http://antonmobin.blogspot . com /

> kakhananddiewurstbruckesou ndsystem

> djobnoizetalgik

FINAL CUT (brussels)
> etofinalcut

TZII (brussels)

TG (brussels)


Artwork by Dawamesk & Handjob  ------------------

INTIMATE obsession in Brussels
January 15
Start: 20: 00

66 rue Georges Moreau

1070 Anderlecht (behind South Station or tram stop: advice 81 / 83)
> Entrance: € 3

Rinus van ALEBEEK (Berlin)

BLENNO und Wurst-Brücke (Paris)

HAND JOB NOIZETALGIK (Vatican) and Anton Mobin (Paris)
> http: / / /

BOMBYX (Mecago, Nevroz & Dawamesk) (From Beyond)

TZII (brussels)

FINAL CUT (brussels)

+ + +

Artwork by dawamesk !

MATHROCK & more, Lyon
Saturday, January 29
start: 20:30
Grand Guignol (bookshop )
91 mounted Great Coast, Lyon 1 .
> exit free gift

A set of his new comic Danny Steve be released in the Hammerheads with krew for an evening special * the single date: Analusis Boos AxDelbor Carlos Greenland, Denis McCarty, John Bender, Sarah Monn.
JD (chaos, disorder and home cooking)
DJ Der Kommissar (glam rotten floor & saxophone)
Note that Danny Steve will be there too.

* The evening also celebrates the start of Loïc (yeah!)


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